Ambassador Toolkits

Toolkits and resources to educate, empower, and activate TCI Ambassadors on their climate action journey.

Get Educated

Experience En-ROADS

The En-ROADS climate simulation tool will show you what it will actually take to start slowing and even reversing the impacts of climate change. Learn about the multi-prong solutions needed to solve a complex problem like climate change in an interactive format!

Start a Climate Debate!

Climate change is the biggest threat facing humans and the globe. This activity toolkit allows groups to discuss and debate various topics about climate change. A good debate topic enables participants to learn both sides of an issue and creates a thoughtful dialogue.

Be Empowered

Communications Activities

Our tried and true Communications Activities Toolkit will guide you, friends, family and your community into encouraging engagement spaces for discovery of different perspectives and reactions to climate topics & issues.

Community Conversations

Utilize our Community Conversation Toolkit to discover the places your community values and to start important conversations on how climate change will affect them.

Take Action

ArcGIS Data Collection Project

Do you have questions regarding climate change in your community? ArcGIS activities allow clubs and community members to see their town through the lens of climate change and ask questions that are relevant to their local landscape.

Host a Town Hall

TCI Town Halls provide a platform for youth to engage with politicians, business leaders and decision makers in their community to push for a cleaner energy future.