Engage youth in your community and empower them to become agents of change! Connect them to the places they care about, access tools that showcase how the world can hold global warming to 1.5°C, and create a movement to galvanize youth in your state to take action to reduce climate change. Here are a few of TCI’s programs we want to share to help you do just that!

Learning Lab

School is in session at TCI! Interactive learning tools for both students and teachers. Teachers — looking for curriculum? You’ll find it here!


Turn your climate passion into action. Opportunities for high school, college and adult ally ambassadors.

TCI Workshops

Access our Community Mapping Workshop tools to discover the places your community values and to start important conversations on how climate change will affect them.

Town Halls

TCI Town Halls provide a platform for youth to engage with politicians, business leaders and decision makers in their community to push for a cleaner energy future.

Gulf of Maine Field Studies Class

Bring youth-led projects and a climate change-focused curriculum to your school district to empower youth to connect with their community and begin creative, real change.

Ride to #SlowTheRise

A campaign that puts positive climate action directly into youth’s hands in the classroom and encourages classmates and other school districts to “hop on the ride”!


Be part of the solution by joining one of TCI’s climate change competitions. Check out our latest challenge or giveaway.