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Working for Clean Energy in CA

Working for Clean Energy in CA

Los Angeles, California

Katie Wagman & CALPIRG Students

My name is Katie Wagman, and I am a first year, public affairs major at UCLA, working as the campaign coordinator for the 100% campaign at our chapter, as well as being the Member at Large for UCLA on the Board of Directors. Climate change is one of the biggest issues this generation is facing, and as someone who has lived in California my entire life I know just how big of an issue this is. We had to wear masks far before Covid 19 was ever an issue, and had to miss school long before Zoom was acceptable for a classroom. The cars we use burn fuels that hurt the environment, and consequently, ourselves. To stave off the worst effects of climate change and deliver cleaner air to communities, we must reduce the quantity of greenhouse gasses we are putting into the atmosphere. The #1 source of greenhouse gas emissions in the state is from vehicles and the fuel they burn. I was drawn to the campaign because I believe that the GoEV resolution could help us create a better future. Expanding the infrastructure of electric vehicles can combat the harm of fossil fuels from cars and prevent future generations from ash covered cars and emergency evacuation bags.

We have seen so much support on campus for this, with hundreds of students signing our petitions, taking photos with our campaign signs, and sharing personal stories about why they care!  We have had many lobby meetings with the LA City Council to deliver sign-ons and letters from students. We’re excited to share that council members are now reviewing the GoEV Memo and deciding how to best implement it!

Learn more about the GoEV campaign here.

Creating (climate) community for youth

Creating (climate) community for youth

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

Pooja Tilvawala

Description: Pooja’s plan to empower other youth around the nation, and world, became a reality when she won TCI’s first #ClimateCareer Competition in Fall 2020. Watch Pooja’s video about the creation of Youth Climate Collab and check out the links below to learn more about Pooja’s Story of Change through youth engagement.

Climate Career Reflections & Learnings
Pooja’s Takeaways from COY/COP26
Register for an upcoming Climate Courage Workshop

Creating a “hack” for eutrophication

Floating wetland

Creating a “hack” for eutrophication

Watsonville, California

Phoebe Jiang, Makayla Glover, Grace Goodhue, Jasmine Mon

As part of TCI’s first ever Soil and Water Hackathon competition, high school student team members of “The Mustangs” were motivated to combat the issue of eutrophication. Eutrophication occurs when a layer of excess minerals and nutrients forms on top of a body of freshwater. This results in a drastic increase in algae blooms. The algae blooms decrease oxygen levels, which causes fish to suffocate and die. The dead fish emit a foul odor, attracting a high mosquito population. The Mustangs’ school, located in the Salinas Valley in California, is surrounded by farmland and fertilizer runoff causes problems in surrounding bodies of water. Their biology teacher, Mr. Smith first presented the students with the idea of floating wetlands as a solution to the eutrophication in their campus ponds. The students were intrigued about this unique solution and developed their winning climate action “hack”: building floating treatment wetlands to remediate eutrophied pond water and provide habitat for wildlife. Learn more about The Mustangs plan via the below links!

Mustangs Blog Post
Updated Project Presentation
About TCI’s Hackathon Competition

Educating community about climate change

Educating community about climate change

Kennebunk, Maine

High school students in the Gulf of Maine Field Studies Class at Kennebunk High School hosted two community conversations in the 2021/2022 school year. The Community Conversations model from TCI consists of communication exercises, participatory mapping, and a climate change simulation. Each activity is designed to help people relate their personal places to the larger picture of climate change. Working together to go through this process, and when led by disarming youth voices, communities collaborate on determining what places are of most importance, and ways to effect change. The workshop ends in a brainstorming session on what actions are necessary to move forward toward climate mitigation, and if that’s not possible, adaptation practices and policies to be explored.

“I was blown away by the students’ work, presentations, and in-depth knowledge. From invasive species to shoreland erosion to community resilience, these high school students are completing high-level research on topics that communities need to be aware of. The Community Conversation was so powerful that it stuck with me through the week. After participants learned some communication and listening tools, the students skillfully facilitated small group discussions on challenging topics. Every community needs Community Conversations!” Eli Rubin, Town of Kennebunkport Town Planner.

Learn how to host your own Community Conversation and what other climate action projects the Gulf of Maine Field Studies students are up to:

Community Conversation Toolkit
Gulf of Maine Field Studies Class Website and Current Projects

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