Youth Action Grants

Do you want to take climate action in your community?
Apply for a Youth Action Grant!

TCI’s Youth Action Grants will be awarded to individuals or groups who demonstrate a commitment to mitigating and/or adapting to the impacts of climate change in their communities.

TCI aims to support youth in climate action and will be offering small grants on a rolling basis. Action projects should be student-led and community-based, and empower students to develop climate solutions in their local landscape.* Applications will be reviewed and selected candidates contacted within 14 business days.  

*Due to funding restrictions, we are only able to provide Youth Action Grants to U.S., U.S. Territories., and Tribal Nations.

TCI Youth Action Projects

Hackathon Winners’ Floating Wetland Project

Jasmine Mon and her team, The Mustangs, won TCI’s Water & Soil Hackathon! Their Floating Wetlands Project was created to help combat water eutrophication in their school’s campus pond. “Our school, located in the Salinas Valley, is surrounded by farmland,” Jasmine said. “Their fertilizer runoff causes problems in the surrounding bodies of water. Local bodies of water are drastically affected by eutrophication, caused by fertilizer runoff.” Learn more about the Floating Wetlands Project here!

Maya Lis & Compost For All Team!

Maya Lis and the Compost For All team were also participants in our Hackathon Program. Although the team didn’t win 1st place, they continued their mission and are now a certified nonprofit organization! “I began planning a nonprofit aimed to reduce greenhouse gasses while improving soil and water quality throughout Orlando Florida,” Maya said. “I entered the TCI Hackathon which gave my team a wonderful opportunity to come up with a thorough plan. From the competition, although unsuccessful, we went on to receive funding and were able to begin the non-profit. Today, Compost For All Corp. is a 501 (c)(3) certified nonprofit with over 500 composter sales and has educated over 10,000 people on the power of composting!

Community Conversations

Apply for Youth Action Grants

Take a look at our Rubric to help you answer the following grant application questions to the fullest extent and increase your chances of receiving a Youth Action Grant! Click to view.

    Due to funding restrictions, we are only able to provide Youth Action Grants to U.S., U.S. Territories., and Tribal Nations.
  • Due to funding restrictions, the available grants can reach a maximum of $2,500.