The Climate Initiative is thrilled to announce the Climateville Map Design Competition for educators and students. In this competition, educators and students will design a map of their community and win $500!


TCI has an existing map of Climateville, but it doesn’t quite represent the diverse areas many of us live in. This is where your creativity comes in.

Here’s what we’re looking for: We have six openings for each of the areas below left. Choose out of:

  • Desert
  • Prairie Land
  • Mountain Area

And here’s the exciting part: You don’t have to live in a community linked to one of these landscapes. By diving into research, critical thinking, analysis, and your own creative ideas, you can submit maps representing landscapes different from your own. Get ready to explore and express your vision!

Why Climateville?

By working together, we can create educational materials that are more relevant and helpful for students. These resources will take into account the different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences that students have in their homes and communities.

So, when students use these materials, they’ll find them more relatable and valuable, making it easier for them to learn about important topics like climate change.

Climateville Submissions are closed! Stay tuned for more.

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