Utilize our programming to make a difference in your community.

KCI Learning Lab
Learning Lab

Educating over 35,000 high schoolers nationwide! Learn the TCI method and access the full curriculum.

Become an Ambassador

Join our Ambassador base for opportunities to connect with other high school, college and adult ally ambassadors.

Stories of Change

Has The Climate Initiative motivated your students to take on climate change? That experience could inspire other youth voices. Submit a student story today!

Climate Community for Youth
Climate Career Fellowships

Become a part of the decision-makers who will help advance our mission to empower youth voices.

Educator Retreats

TCI Climate Educators Retreats are professional development opportunities, designed to support high school classroom teachers in incorporating climate education in their curriculum.

Community Conversations

Discover the places your community values and start important conversations on how climate change will affect them.

Our Beautiful Planet

Watch the science films highlighting the cutting-edge research that climate scientists are doing to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues.

Climate Courage

Climate Courage is a space that supports young climate leaders to help them lean into their feelings about climate change.

Climateville Map Design Competition

Check out our winners from the Climateville Map Design Competition.