Meet Our Ambassadors: Sophie Ferrick

    By KCI Youth Ambassador Sophie Ferrick

My name is Sophie Ferrick, and I am a new KCI Ambassador! I’m 16 years old and a sophomore at Kennebunk High School. I want to learn as much as I can about climate change and make a difference! Through my first few weeks with KCI, I’ve already had the opportunity to be involved and learn a lot. 

I grew up close to the beach which sparked my interest in nature and the environment. One of my earliest memories is of helping my grandmother take samples for water quality testing down at Goose Rocks Beach. I was lucky enough to grow up in a beautiful town going to the beach, skiing in the mountains during the winter, and enjoying all that nature has to offer. I want to help to protect these places that I love. 

“As I dive into being a KCI Ambassador, I want to be part of empowering as many of my peers as I can.”


I took an introductory Environmental Science course last summer, and am currently enrolled in the Gulf of Maine Field Studies course, which allows students to identify climate change issues in their community and create action projects. It has been really engaging and different to take a class like this in high school. Learning about climate change through these courses has helped me decide that when I go to college I’d like to major in environmental science, possibly focusing on policy and law. These courses, and KCI, have taught me that youth have the power to make change, and that we deserve a seat at the table when it comes to climate policy. 

I would encourage other youth to get involved by becoming a KCI Ambassador, or joining their own local community climate organizations. KCI has already given me opportunities to learn and get involved, like participating in webinars and talking to town officials. 

As I dive into being a KCI Ambassador, I want to be part of empowering as many of my peers as I can. Many kids like myself aren’t sure what they can do. But there is so much that we have the power to change. As a community, we all have a responsibility to let our policy makers know what we care about.