Is there a Climate Silver Lining in the Time of Covid?

    By Leia Lowery, KCI Director of Programs & Outreach and KCI Ambassador Chris Grady

During the pandemic of COVID-19, we have seen drastic changes. Fewer airplanes above, less car travel on our roads, and hopefully trying to reconnect with the outdoors. As we reflect on what has happened to our communities, our economy, our jobs, and our relationships, it is easy to feel discouraged.

Miroslava Chrienova

But here at KCI, we are using this time to reflect and find that there is a silver lining.

As around the globe, our lives have slowed down, it has resulted in lowered carbon emissions and better air quality, people are conserving their resources more carefully, and finding comfort in nature while rediscovering their local treasures, communities are finding ways to support one another from buying locally to car parades for children’s birthdays.

Oftentimes it is in these times of crisis, where we find our greatest humanity and are reminded of what is truly important.

The faults in our industrialized food systems are coming to light as distribution is halted and food is going to waste, all at a time where some are struggling to stock their shelves. Turning to local producers and buying close to home seems to be the only way. As lock down comes to an end, we have an opportunity to take stock and thoughtfully rebuild. What things are we going to choose to leave behind, and what are we going to carry forward with us? How do we inspire each other to create the future world we all want to live in?

Can this pause, lead to stronger awareness, empowered voices, and inspired action to solve the climate crisis?

We have a decade to make big changes. Did COVID-19 unwittingly give us the opportunity to pause and reflect on changes that we can make?

Use the hashtag #pandemicpause4climate as you share your thoughts to these questions and encourage your following to share their reflections on what they have learned about themselves, their needs, and their communities during this pause. KCI believes there is always hope when we act together.

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