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Harness the wind, sun, and tides to produce our energy for a greener future.

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Shifting our communities and country to clean energy will not only slow the rise of greenhouse gasses, but it also has the potential to create millions of jobs, improve public health, and even create financial gain for the global economies.

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Quick Facts


$5.2 trillion is the amount spent globally on fossil fuel subsidies in 2017.[3]


80% of the US could be powered, in principle, by renewables.[4]


28% of global warming emissions in the U.S. that come from the transportation sector.[5]


10x more jobs that a green economy (alternative energy) could produce in comparison to the fossil fuel industry.


1,400 is the number of homes worth of electricity that 1 wind turbine could generate.[8]

What is happening?

What are Fossil Fuels? Oil, coal and natural gas are formed from fossils, the millions-of-years-old remains of plants and animals. Because they were living things, they have a larger carbon content. As we burn these fossil fuels, the carbon is released into the atmosphere. It is no surprise then that oil, coal, and natural gasses are some of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. However, right now we depend on them for our personal needs (like heating our homes and running our cars), but also to power our industry to run our economy.

What are the effects?

What might come as a surprise is that fossil fuels are no longer the cheapest energy source. Renewables are actually becoming less expensive to install and use. Renewable energy is generally thought of as solar, wind, geothermal, hydropower and biomass. The tricky part is that for every dollar spent to support renewable energy, 6 are spent on fossil fuel subsidies which make it appear that fossil fuels are cheaper.[1] It is estimated that globally governments spend up to $600 billion a year (subsidies) to keep the prices of fossil fuels affordable.[2] The money saved from subsidizing fossil fuels could be put toward education, health care, renewables, or even aiding sectors still dependent on fossil fuels. All this on top of combating climate change! All this said, the renewables industry is still growing and heat generation by renewable electricity is expected to see a 40% increase in the next 4 years.[7]

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Public Transportation & LEDs

The largest source of Greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation and electricity usage.

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Do An Energy Audit

An energy audit can help your home improve insulation and inspire you to think about upgrading to energy efficient appliances.

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Renewing & Protecting

Many communities as they are looking to rebuild or update old infrastructure have the opportunity to turn to renewable energy!

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How You Can Help

Say yes to public transportation like riding the bus and switch to LED lights to conserve electricity. By replacing 30 incandescent light bulbs with LED, you can reduce 3,000LBS of CO2 this year!

How Your Family Can Help

An energy audit can help your home improve insulation and aspire to buy energy efficient appliances. Just by setting your thermostat 2oF lower in the winter and 2oF higher in the summer, you could save up to 2000Lbs of CO2 emissions per year. [9]

Professional Home Energy Audits

How Your Community Can Help

By talking with community planners, towns and cities can evaluate possible buildings to retrofit or upgrade to solar and or wind power. Is there a possibility of community solar in your community? Also, wetlands are a carbon sink, meaning they suck in the CO2 and keep it from re-entering the atmosphere. Marshes do double-duty by protecting the coastline from coastal flooding by acting like a sponge to rising waters.

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