Our Beautiful Planet: Saving Our Shores

Our Beautiful Planet is a series of compelling 5-to-10-minute science films highlighting the cutting edge research that climate scientists are doing to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues.

The Climate Initiative, the National Science Teacher’s Association (NSTA) and Kikim Media have partnered to launch these films and this collection of classroom-ready lesson plans and community activity and discussion guides that highlight the science and engineering practices scientists use to explain the phenomena of climate.

About the film: Saving Our Shores

The coastal places where hundreds of millions of people live are likely to be underwater by 2050. A combination of thermal expansion and melting of vast arctic ice sheets is causing the earth’s oceans to rise, threatening seaside settlements across the globe. USGS Geologist Patrick Barnard has spent years investigating the risks to communities along the Pacific coastline of North America. He and his colleagues have developed a powerful tool to help give coastal communities a detailed picture of the hazards that lie ahead.

TCI & Kikim Media Community Activity & Discussion Guide: Turn this film into a conversation!
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