Our Beautiful Planet: In Search of Nitrogen

Our Beautiful Planet is a series of compelling 5-to-10-minute science films highlighting the cutting edge research that climate scientists are doing to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues.

The Climate Initiative, the National Science Teacher’s Association (NSTA) and Kikim Media have partnered to launch these films and this collection of classroom-ready lesson plans and community activity and discussion guides that highlight the science and engineering practices scientists use to explain the phenomena of climate.

About the film: In Search of Nitrogen

When scientists in the early 20th century discovered how to manufacture this nitrogen-based compound – ammonia, it was hailed as one of history’s greatest achievements. That’s because it is such a powerful fertilizer. It delivers nitrogen, an element that’s vital to plants, in a form they can use. Without manufactured ammonia, farmers could not grow anywhere near enough food to feed the world’s 8 billion people. Unfortunately, ammonia fertilizer has become so widely used that it’s now causing grave damage to the environment. The problem is nitrogen pollution—and Stanford University chemical engineer Will Tarpeh is determined to take it on.

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