California Event: Join us for CA Climate Lobby Day!

A Lobby Day is chance for youth and individuals to sit down with their elected officials and discuss issues that matter to them. Our 2021 Climate Lobby Day will be organized around climate issues and what affect they have on Californians and our collective future. You will have the opportunity to meet with your California State Assembly Member and State Senator to discuss issues relating to clean energy, clean cars, and a quick transition to 100% renewable electricity.

​Our organizations routinely host lobby days because we believe that politics only work when our representatives know what is on the minds of their constituents. No experience required: we will give you the tools necessary to make a good case and lobby effectively. Our trained staff will go over the issues, talking points, and best practices.

This year’s Climate Lobby Day is especially important. The past year has been difficult for numerous reasons. A global pandemic has permanently altered many of our lives and 4.5 million acres were destroyed by catastrophic wildfires across the state. In the same month, California had the worst air quality in the world and recorded the hottest temperature on Earth (131 degrees Fahrenheit in Death Valley).

It is essential that we take action. California has long been a climate leader, and it’s time that we strengthen our commitment to lowering greenhouse gases through establishing a goal of reaching 100% renewable energy by 2030.

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