Educator Resources

Tools to bring climate change education into your classroom and community.

Recursos para maestros.

Learning Labs are free, multi-disciplinary modules that introduce climate issues through the high school classroom and bring them to life in a student’s local landscape.

Los laboratorios de aprendizaje son recursos gratuitos para ayudar a presentar los problemas climáticos a los jóvenes.

From Our Learning Lab Users


I just wanted to take a second to say “WOW!”…we are on day 3 of the new Climate change module and you all really did so great! As a climate researcher turned high school teacher, I can say that this module is top notch and so inclusive of all the materials needed to roll out a climate change module in my classroom!

While doing the (action project) one of the students said, “This is the only reason I come to school now”.

Students were engaged in their lessons when we used the learning labs.  Most of the time students at my school are not fully engaged in their learning.  Learning lab students had questions, they were reading and watching the videos and excited to begin working each day. My students work at their own pace and the learning labs really allowed for students to work that way.  Students were able to spend as much as they needed on each step and the ones that went through quickly had enough to keep busy with that I could spend time with some students that were struggling.

My strongest impression of the Learning Lab is that students were very engaged. There were not many times in class when I was giving presentations or providing direct instruction. Students learned through research, discussion, role-playing, experimentation, application, and reflection.

Educators: Register for Learning Lab (below), or Florida, Texas, or Louisiana Policy Toolkits by August 25th, 2023 to receive a stipend*

Learning Lab educators will receive a $500 stipend to implement TCI’s climate change modules into your high school curriculum. Policy Toolkit educators will receive a $200 stipend.

*U.S. and territories only, on a first-come, first serve basis. Participants must register and fulfill the contractual expectation by August 25th, 2023 to receive a stipend. There are (60) Learning Lab Contracts available, (50) Policy Toolkit contracts available, & (15) Action Project contracts available. Act now while there’s still time!

Action Project stipends are also available! Action projects would need to be completed by August 25th, 2023 to be eligible for the stipend.

For more information about Action Project stipends, please contact us here.
For more information about the launch of Mississippi and Alabama Policy Toolkits, please contact us here.

How it works

  • Fill out the form and the TCI Teacher Modules Guide will be available for immediate download, along with your contract and survey.
  • Complete the three Teacher Modules which will just take minutes of your time to complete and will arm you with the background on how to approach incorporating Learning Lab into your classroom.
  • Upon completion of the Teacher Modules, you receive access to our eight Learning Lab Modules: Renewable Energy, Invasive Species, Sea Level Rise, Floods & Droughts, Wildfires, Climate Impacts & Solutions with En-ROADS, Climate Justice & Equity, and Agriculture & Climate Change. These modules include week-by-week lesson plans, resources and student activity guides!