California, Get Involved in Climate Action Now

    By TCI California Coordinator Stephanie Rivas

Californians, we know our state is one of the most biodiverse places in the nation stemming from its variation in landscape. It holds the coast with beautiful beaches, forests with giant trees, deserts, dunes, and shrubby and snowy mountains. There is so much to enjoy and experience in one single state. It truly is such a wonderful place to behold, and for one reason or another, we all decided to make California our home. 

However, climate change is increasingly shifting the beautiful landscape we have come to love. Rising temperatures lead to dryer conditions and rising sea levels, leading to a whole domino effect that puts our ecosystem at risk. Dryer conditions equal less rain and less snow, diminishing freshwater, and increasing stronger wildfires—all of which we have been experiencing for years. Action needs to happen now because what we are experiencing will only worsen and cause much more damage if left unchallenged. 

California has provided us with so much; it is time we give back to it by tackling climate change and ensure it remains for generations to come.

This is why TCI has partnered with California Volunteers and Climate Action Corps to spread the word on California Climate Action Week happening 9/20-9/25. California Climate Action Week will cover 5 key climate themes: Organic Waste, Urban Greening, Energy and Transportation, Drought Response, and Wildfire Preparation and Mitigation. These topics are relatable to us all and will help educate, empower, and activate us to begin practices that’ll help fight climate change and protect California. 

On Tuesday, the topic of focus will be Urban greening which will highlight the role of tree planting and urban canopies as another great way to reduce emissions, mitigate urban heat islands, and improve air quality. Wednesday will focus on Energy and transportation providing options and ideas for reducing energy usage at home and in transportation to save money, reduce emissions, and shift toward a cleaner future for all. Thursday will center on Organic waste, touching on how composting and minimizing food waste plays an important role in reducing emissions. Friday will continue with the theme of Wildfire preparation and mitigation to equip folks with tools to protect their homes and reduce fuel loads. Lastly, Saturday will conclude the week focusing on water and Drought response and the role of water conservation in reducing emissions and protecting communities. 

Follow @CaliforniaVolunteers and the hashtags #CaClimateAction and #ClimateActionCorps on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to stay updated on all the events and content they will be sharing throughout the week and beyond. They will also highlight plenty of volunteer opportunities if you are looking for spaces and opportunities to become involved in the climate space to strengthen your community. California has provided us with so much; it is time we give back to it by tackling climate change and ensure it remains for generations to come.

             Stephanie Rivas, TCI California Regional Coordinator