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Turn your climate passion into action. Opportunities for high school, college and adult ally ambassadors.

Our Mission

TCI is a nonpartisan, science-based climate change organization whose mission is to empower youth voices for climate action. Through education and empowerment initiatives, youth are learning about climate solutions and becoming agents of change in our communities and beyond.

What it means to be a TCI Ambassador

Our ambassadors are empowered voices across the country and globe who are motivated by a passion for protecting our earth, our communities and future generations from the impacts of climate change. The TCI Ambassador Program provides opportunities and resources to tackle climate issues at a local level and to join an engaged community of climate changemakers.

TCI Ambassador Program

Each and every one of us can make a difference in slowing the rise of climate change impacts on the places we love. Our ambassador program is set-up so you can grow with TCI, as our organization continues to grow too! No experience required, just a willingness to learn and turn environmental passion into positive climate action.

Which Ambassador are you?

High School Ambassador

High School Ambassador

Freshman to Senior in High School



Undergraduate and Graduate students

Adult Ally

Adult Ally

Mentors, Educators, Parents

Ambassador Characteristics


Commitment to place-based change that focuses on climate issues within your community


Centering the voices and experiences of communities at the frontlines of climate impacts


Practicing active listening and valuing all members in the TCI community

Power of Networks

Building and deepening community networks through climate action

Passion & Curiosity of Knowledge

Continuously searching for and sharing creative, actionable solutions


From award-winning climate curriculum and easy to implement resources, to an Advisory Council and Board of Directors of some of the world’s top climate scientists, educators and business thought leaders, TCI offers our ambassadors access to impactful climate change opportunities to inspire real change and action.

Community Building

First and foremost, the TCI Ambassador Program is a community of changemakers. Our program fosters connection and engagement around the most pressing climate issues in order to crowdsource and promote real solutions from the diverse perspectives of our ambassadors! We utilize a world class community platform (available on desktop and mobile) to ensure that staying connected as a TCI Ambassador is as easy as possible and that opportunities to engage with other ambassadors and climate organizations/TCI partners in your region become a reality.

Climate Advocate & Career Development

At TCI, we are looking to inspire the next generation of climate leaders and support youth in finding viable careers in the climate space. Our Ambassador Program offers free educational and empowerment resources as well as ways to unlock enrichment opportunities such as free admission to environmental conferences and webinars. Ambassadors also have access to ongoing connection and networking opportunities with our staff, Advisory Council, Board of Directors and other mentors in the climate change space.

Climate Action and You

We will meet you where you are in your climate change journey, offering resources and climate action projects that fit into your life, interests and geography! As a TCI Ambassador, you have access to our Ambassador Toolkit, which provides best practices and proven results from programs we’ve implemented with youth and within local communities. Our toolkit is always growing and developing, with help and input from our ambassadors! Additionally, we love amplifying your voice in TCI content via blogs, social media posts, videos, and more.

A Sustainable Rewards Program

Eco and sustainable options aren’t always accessible and we recognize that a more environmentally conscious lifestyle can sometimes be difficult to attain. That’s why we are proud to offer opportunities to earn sustainable goods and rewards through special tasks within our ambassador program.

From our Ambassadors

The best way for you to get to know TCI is through our ambassadors themselves. Check out our short video and scroll through our ambassador gallery to say hello!

I can say with certainty that being a TCI ambassador has been one of the most impactful experiences of my life. The youth I have met inspire me to get more involved with this issue, and fight for equality that everyone deserves.

Amelie Panaccione


Boulder, CO

Amelie Panaccione
Amelie Panaccione
I’ve done work with climate action before and it helped me recognize the career I wanted as well as the importance of youth engagement within my community. It’s important to me that I help others get the same opportunities I had and to generate awareness of the problems facing the natural world and that’s why I became a TCI ambassador. It’s also important to me that I continue to learn about what’s happening in my own community and to help in the ways I can! As such, I hope to both continue to expand my own understanding of the climate crisis, what I can do, and to help connect with my community to work towards positive change.

Catherine Campbell


Kennebunkport, ME

Catherine Campbell
Catherine Campbell
As a TCI ambassador, I hope to help younger environmentalists find their place in the field! Whether it’s helping with connections, job or volunteer searching, or developing new projects, I want to help those who are pursuing climate action.

Lily Eligator


Chicago, IL

Lily Eligator
Lily Eligator
As a TCI ambassador, I want to be part of empowering as many of my peers as I can. Many kids like myself aren’t sure what they can do. But there is so much that we have the power to change. As a community, we all have a responsibility to let our policy makers know what we are about. Being an ambassador is also important to me because I grew up in Maine! I love the beach and hope for it to be around for my grandchildren.

Sophie Ferrick



Sophie Ferrick
Sophie Ferrick
Being a TCI ambassador is important to me because I want to inspire others around me to do their part in helping the Earth. I love being outside. I love trail running, mountain biking, skiing, and surfing and I want to protect the places that I love for future generations, so they can enjoy them as much as I do. To protect these places it will take every person to do their part and I want to inspire people to do that!

Mara Muse


Kennebunkport, ME

Mara Muse
Mara Muse
Being a TCI ambassador is important to me as I am really concerned about climate change. I hope to discover ways I can become more active in fighting against the issue and implement change.

Abby Moy


Cohasset, MA

As a TCI ambassador, I want to raise attention to this environmental crisis and help as much as I can!” When it comes to the fight against climate change, two things that I have a focus on are both renewable energy and electric vehicles. As an engineering major, these are both topics that I want to pursue beyond school, and I could potentially do now. I became aware of the climate crises awhile back in school, as we learned about it in middle school science.

Nick Teguis


Kennebunkport, ME

Nick Teguis
Nick Teguis
I became a TCI ambassador as it is important to be part of a network that strives for the same goals. Ensuring climate justice and reducing emissions.

Natalia Tsuyama



Natalia Tsuyama
Natalia Tsuyama
As a TCI adult ally ambassador, I hope to educate more people on the effects of climate change and how each of us can help slow the negative impact we are having.

Monica Hanover


Menlo, CA

As a TCI Adult Ally ambassador, I want to work with youth to help them understand and address the climate crisis.

Phil Gregory


Kennebunkport, ME & California

Phil Gregory
Phil Gregory

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Add your voice to a growing movement of climate changemakers. TCI’s ambassador program is here to support and empower you on your environmental journey and to provide resources to help in creating solutions for climate change impacts you face in your own community.


Meet Ariel

Los Angeles based Ariel Maldonado is TCI’s Youth Engagement Manager. Since 2018 she has dedicated herself to teaching youth about climate change through her online Instagram platform @gogreensavegreen. She is an advocate for learning about climate sciences, the social implications of climate change, and climate solutions.

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