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Mark Jones

Kennebunkport, Maine is a special place. It’s the quintessential Maine town; complete with a small fishing village, a working harbor, beautiful beaches and an iconic lighthouse set against a rocky landscape. It’s also an endangered place. Kennebunkport abuts the Gulf of Maine, which is warming faster than any other body of water its size in the world. In 80 years, if we do nothing, much of this iconic New England town will be underwater. While we are a small town in Maine on the frontline of climate change, we could also be any town in this country…we are all facing futures impacted by climate change. But by bonding together we can decide what that future looks like.

TCI was born out of three impassioned educators deciding to tackle Kennebunkport’s changing climate head-on, by empowering high school and college-aged youth to action by connecting them to their local landscape. This award-winning, project-based curriculum was developed in partnership with the Gulf of Maine Institute, The University of New England, RSU 21, and the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust and grew into youth-led conversations with policymakers that in turn created real action, mitigation and change. TCI’s goal is to replicate and expand on this success to catalyze climate action with youth across the U.S. and beyond.

We all have our own “Kennebunkport” we want to save from the impacts of climate change. Let’s do it together.

Kennebunkport, Maine by Mark Jones
Photo: Mark Jones
Kennebunkport, Maine by Mark Jones
Photo: Tyler Kimbar
Kennebunkport, Maine by Benjamin Williamson
Photo: Benjamin Williamson


Thank you Shutterbugs

Images provided in partnership with Shutterbugs 4 Charity, an incredible collective of Maine-based photographers who volunteer their time and talents in supporting non-profit organizations aligned with their core values. We’ll be featuring stories from our partner Shutterbugs on how they are seeing the impacts of climate change through a professional camera lens in greater Kennebunkport and Gulf of Maine communities.

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