TCI’s Equity Action Steps

At TCI we acknowledge that climate change is an equity issue with deep rooted disparities when it comes to economic, gender, social and ethnic diversity and putting our most vulnerable communities at risk. TCI is a non-profit organization established in 2020 with the mission of empowering youth voices for climate action and to do this we must find ways to reach and empower ALL youth. Below are a few of the efforts TCI is taking to promote a more equitable internal culture as our organization continues to grow and makes commitments as we scale our programming:


  • Acknowledgement of predominantly white-led staff, Board, donors and constituencies, and commitment towards building a more equitable workplace as we grow in our first year:
  • Board of Directors: our Board has members of both African-American and Asian heritage and we continue to examine diversity on our board through our DEI Committee and will continue to actively engage candidates with diverse backgrounds to fill available Board seats.
  • Executive Director: in 2020 we hired our first Executive Director, who is a member of the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Youth Ambassadors: as we build our team of youth ambassadors, we are committed to engaging a diverse youth community who represent varied ethnicities, genders, LGBTQ+, geographies and ages within the youth demographic.
  • Our Advisory Council has members of both African-American and Indian heritage and we hope to attract additional mentors with diverse backgrounds to advise our team within the climate change space.
  • In 2020 we launched a #ClimateCareer program and were impressed with over 200 stellar recent college graduate candidates. The winning applicant, Pooja Tilvawala, provides a rich perspective that is valued.
  • Working to complete the “Whiteness at Work” training series hosted by The Adaway Group in winter 2021, regarding how the norms of whiteness and anti-blackness show up in our workplaces, how to confront it and build a more equitable workplace moving forward.


According to the IPCC, ‘Impacts of climate change are like to be felt most acutely not only by the poor, but also by certain segments of the population, such as the elderly, the very young, the powerless, indigenous peoples, and recent immigrants, particularly if they are linguistically isolated’. Our program will work from this evidence, focusing on the education of youth, particularly those who fit into the categories stated above, and provides equitable climate change education.

Steps are being taken to:

  • Approach potential nation-wide partnerships with a focus on connecting with diverse communities facing climate change and empowering traditionally non-engaged communities to be a vital part of the climate conversation.
  • Developing an online climate equity educational module to help spread the understanding of how climate change is also an equity conversation.
  • When utilizing influencers for TCI campaigns, ensuring a diverse cross-section of racial backgrounds, experience and knowledge.

This equity statement will continue to develop as our team does! Thank you for your interest in understanding more about TCI and our progress in promoting a more equitable organization.